Famous February Baby Names

Famous February Baby Names – February, the 2nd month of the yr, will be the just month having less than 30 days. February offers 28 days inside jump years as well as twenty-eight days inside other years. Along with February will be the beginning month these highly successful people from background, place lifestyle plus the amazing planet associated with sporting activities:

Inspired baby names for parents who have a newborn baby this month:

Actors, Music artists in addition to Entertainers
Well-known February celebrities have got amused us all about tv set, silver screen in addition to phase.

Alice Cooper: traditionally a name for a girl, means Of The Nobility
Garth Brooks: English origin, means Garden
Lon Chaney: Gaelic origin, means Fierce
Clark Gable: English origin, means Cleric or Clerk
Elizabeth Taylor: Hebrew origin, means My God Is My Oath
Farrah Fawcett: English origin, means Fair-Haired
Dinah Shore: Hebrew origin, means Avenged

A few of the world’s most recognized pieces of art were created by February-born designers, painters in addition to photographers, including National Medieval (pictured) and the famous insures with the Sunday Evening Write-up.

Grant Wood: Scottish origin, means Tall or Great
Norman Rockwell: French, German and English origins, means Man from the North
Ansel Adams: German origin, means God’s Protection
Victor Hugo: Spanish origin, means Victor
Pierre Auguste Renoir: French origin, means A Rock; form of Peter

February is actually small about days to weeks but large about sports capacity, presenting us all high flyers in boxing, sports, karate, in addition to racecar operating.

Michael Jordan: Hebrew origin, means Who is like God?
George Herman “Babe” Ruth: English origin, means Farmer
Julius “Dr J” Erving: French origin, means Jove’s Child
Mario Andretti: Italian and Spanish origins, means Warring
Henry “Hank” Aaron: French, German and English origins, means Rules his household
Roger Staubach: English and German origins, means Famed Spearman
Oscar De La Hoya: English or Celtic origin, means Divine Spear or Jumping Fighter

February-born literary geniuses afforded us all Very little House around the Prairie, Wonderful Targets in addition to Testimonies of your Fourth Class Nothing at all.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: French, German and English origins, means Rules his household
James Joyce: Hebrew and English origins, means Supplanter; variant of Jacob
Toni Morrison: French and English origins, means Beyond Praise; feminine form of Anthony, dimutive of Antoinette
John Grisham: English origin, means God Has Shown Favour
Judy Blume: Hebrew origin, means Praised; diminutive of Judith
Charles Dickens: French, German and English origins, means Man or Manly
Laura Ingalls Wilder: English and Spanish origins, means Crowned with Laurels

Famous February Baby Names

Fantastic Stats
These kind of brave history manufacturers aided kind the country young children and can in addition to really like these days.

William Tecumseh Sherman: French, German and English origins, means Resolute/Determined Protector
Susan B. Anthony: Hebrew origin, means Graceful Lily
Omar Bradley: Hebrew meaning is Eloquent Speaker; Arabic meaning is He Who Has Long Life
Charles Lindbergh: French, German and English origins, means Man or Manly
Rosa Parks: Italian, Portuguese, German and English origins; means Rose
Frederick Douglass: German origin, means Peaceful Ruler

Presidents in addition to People in politics
February presents us all Presidents wi Morning — Happy Birthday George in addition to Abe!

Adlai E. Stevenson: Hebrew origin, means Justice of God
Edward Kennedy: English origin, means Wealthy Guardian
Abraham Lincoln: Hebrew origin, means Father of a Multitude
George Washington: English origin, means Farmer
Ronald Reagan: English, Gaelic and Scottish origins, means Powerful Counselor
Michael Bloomberg: Hebrew origin, means Who is like God?

Professionals in addition to Brains
These kind of February babies delivered us all globes, batteries, lightbulbs, in addition to Pluto!

Clyde W. Tombaugh: Scottish and Welsh origins, means Loud Voice
Galileo Galilei: Italian origin, means From Galilee
Thomas Edison: Greek origin, means Twin
Herman Hollerith: German origin, means Soldier
Linus Pauling: Old English origin, means Flax; derived from Linn
Alessandro Volte: Italian form of Alexander, means Defender of Men
Nicolas Copernicus: Spanish origin, means Victorious; Conqueror of People

All popular names suitable for your baby on a small sample of the many examples that we show here yet, hopefully you can get inspiration from the figures that we have mentioned his name. You can also read more inspiration from the famous January Baby names.